GHH MK-42 dumper truck

The MK-42 is a 42 metric tonne underground Mining, construction and Tunnelling product. GHH together with Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy developed this innovative, ergonomically designed, next generation Dump Truck setting the industry standard for future mining and construction products.

Design Project

Vehicle Design: I was the responsible of the overall vehicle design from the very first concept steps till the product finalization of the MK-42 dumper. Engineering team of GHH in Germany made excellent job in making the design reality. Project was made in 2019.

Brand Image: In addition to MK-42 vehicle, I also re-designed official GHH’s logo and colors palette; whole brand was reborn with new bold visual appearance in 2019. Also all-new GHH-font was designed based on the new logo.