Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy – Award winning Vehicle & Product Design.

Company is founded in 2004 by Royal College/MA Vehicle Design Graduate Heikki Naulapää, and it is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Normally I prefer working as a solo, but if the project requires, I have a team of extremely competent externals who can hop on-board. And I naturally have good connections to talented mechanical engineers who’s help has been required and used in many occasions.

My client-base is international as I have worked around the Europe, USA and Far-East since the very first days of starting the company of my own. My very first client was Aprilia motorcycles from Italy back in 2004. Even though my biggest clients have been from the automotive- and mining-sectors, I do have a strong understanding of consumer electronics market and product design in sport business, as I have been working years in those areas too.

I am very flexible in my work; even I’m aiming for the large-scale projects, I always put my full potential nevertheless the size of the design assistance you may need.

If you have a design project in your hand, and you want to transform it to “award-winning” product, please do not hesitate to contact!