Nokia Mobile Phones & NRC

When Nokia was the leading brand in mobile phones, it was also a big client of Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy. Together with Nokia we completed dozens of projects, and some of them were conceptual in their nature. But many of them went directly to the production, which means that millions of those devices have ended up to the hands of the customers worldwide. It was great time in many ways to work with Nokia Mobile Phones.

Design Projects

Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy was leading design in dozens of production- and concept projects. Clients were Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center.

Red Dot Award

Nokia Research Center’s team won Red Dot Award for the GEM -concept phone in 2011, while Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy did the design for the futuristic phone model. That award-winning concept phone was called GEM, and it had a seammless display around the device. It was created jointly by Nokia Research Center and Nokia Design.