Sandvik Pantera

Sandvik Pantera high-pressure DTH drill rig

The drill rig has been developed to take advantage of mining industry trends towards fully autonomous operation – with options allowing owners to benefit from automation technology as their needs and mining operations change.

Design Project

The client requested complete new and bold design for the biggest drill rig of their range. Concept design was done around the chosen engine/frame layout, with a very little restrictions. Work was done very closely with the Tampere engineering team, and the new, bold design ideas were used in construction and in materials too. Engineering team was focused to keep the original design, and at the end the finished product was exactly same as the final design model, which is very rarely the case in complex, techical products. Also logotype of the “Pantera” was created too, and that font design was used later in several other machines too. Pantera -project was made in 2013/2014.

Red Dot Award 2014 “Best of the Best”

Sandvik has been awarded the red dot design award for its advanced high-pressure DTH drill. Surpassing thousands of world-class entrants, the new Pantera™ DI6400 DTH percussive drill rig was held to be the ‘best of the best’ by a panel of design experts.