GHH MK-42 dumper truck

The MK-42 is a 42 metric tonne underground Mining, construction and Tunnelling product. GHH together with Studio Heikki Naulapää Oy developed this innovative, ergonomically designed, next generation Dump Truck setting the industry standard for future mining and construction products.

Design Project

It was great to start the project in the very early stage of the development. The assignment was to design the complete truck, which represents the new line of vehicles for GHH. Working in separate location than the engineering team was not an issue; it was a common goal to create outstanding design for the new truck. GHH engineering team was committed to push the limits to create not only class-leading product technically, but also visual design and ergonomical aspects were equally important. Everyone involved with the project worked very hard, and the end result was an award-winning vehicle design!

Prior the MK-42 project, new color palette and logo was created for the client too, to underline new era of GHH mining products. New colors and logo of the brand with a great heritage was launched in 2019, and MK-42 was the first vehicle, which was designed ground-up with the new bold visual appearance. New color palette is designed especially to match with the modern machines, and newly treated company logo was also a foundation for the all-new customized logotype of the products names.

Red Dot Award Winner 2020!