BMW Motorrad Electric

BMW C Evolution and BMW C1-E

With the BMW C evolution, you can experience the urban mobility of tomorrow today – without having to make any compromises. On the contrary: this electro maxi scooter combines sustainability, dynamics and agility in a single design which draws all the looks. It not only allows you to leave the exhaust gases and noise behind, but also every other vehicle in urban traffic with ease.

Design Project

Design tast was to be on-site and support in the 1:1 clay model/final phase of the production design of C Evolution. The fist serie of these vehicles was built and run at the London Olympics.

For the C1 the initial task was to create complete facelift for C1 -combustion engine powered vehicle. Concept model of C1-E was built on that C1 -design’s base. Original design was done already during summer 2007.